Armine Iknadossian


“Iknadossian writes as someone who has dipped into the mysteries, the sacred and the profane, and returned with a language charged with blood, wine and fire, flower and flesh. Her conviction to ancient mythologies, early knowledge, runs deep and wild through her writings, and this she leverages against the ordinariness of the contemporary world.”

– Suzanne Lummis

ARMINE IKNADOSSIAN fled Beirut, Lebanon for Pasadena, California with her family in 1978 to escape the civil war. After earning her BA from UCLA, she worked as assistant editor to syndicated columnists Arianna Huffington, Robert Scheer and Moly Ivins. Armine’s teaching career took over for the next 20 years, during which time she served as a recitation coach for Poetry Out Loud’s National Recitation Contest. She later earned her MFA in Poetry from Antioch University, Los Angeles during which time her mentor Richard Garcia nominated Armine for a writing fellowship at Summer Poetry in Idyllwild. The Los Angeles Writing Project at Cal State LA also awarded her writing fellowships where she also serves as a writing consultant. In 2015, Armine retired from teaching in order to support the literary arts and focus on her two manuscripts god(l)ess: The L Is Silent and Resident Alien. In 2019, she released a collection of poems titled All That Wasted Fruit.